Plaster of Paris fail

I never knew that plaster of Paris could go ‘off’, but it seems that it can! There has been a box of it kicking around the house for 10/15+ years. I remember getting it when I was little as I had a kit to make P of P figurines. I tested it first (thank goodness) and experimented with sticking moss in it to hide it as well as adding food colouring to help disguise it. Look what happened:


As soon as I touched it, it just disintegrated! I had left it over an hour to set and all sources that I could find on the internet said that it would set in half that time. So it’s back to the drawing board.

Anybody got any ideas what else I could use? I need it to be strong but not too heavy. I’m trying to fix wire flowers in a small pot (these two together). I might get some new P of P at the weekend and try again. I hope that it works then if I do.


7 thoughts on “Plaster of Paris fail

    • Yep, I am trying to make soil. My first thought was air dry clay, but thought that might be too heavy (these potentially will be posted to people so I want weight low). I hadn’t thought of salted dough (in fact I don’t think I even know how to make it), but I’ll look it up and have a try with it. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • I think they would be about the same weight. Recipe =
        How big are they going to be do you think? Plaster of Paris would be approx the same weight as well. If weight is a concern you could mix in styrofoam, or even use it and then add a layer of topsoil after placing/pushing in your embellished things. The soil would need to be mixed with a 1/2 portion of white glue to hold everything together like a cement.

    • The pots are rather tiny about 5cm across the top and slightly less deep, so I probably shouldn’t be fussing too much about the weight! I think tomorrow is going to be a messy day as I have a try of what you are suggesting! Thanks!

      • No problem! I think with that small of a pot weight should not be a big deal. You could use dough, or even dirt mixed with glue, or pretty much anything. White glue is such an amazing product 😀

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