Bracelet Redux

In an attempt to tidy my crafting area I have been trying to complete any unfinished items that I couldn’t finish for any reason. One of these items is a green and gold bracelet that has been sitting in a box of incomplete items for about two years. I did actually finish it, but as I was unhappy with the fastenings I didn’t put it up for sale.

Initially the fastenings was two oval beads that threaded through loops at the other end of the bracelet, but as the ovals were parallel to the bracelet (I couldn’t work out how to make them perpendicular to the bracelet) I thought it was too easy for the beads to slip out of the loops and the bracelet falling off the wearer. So it got put into the unfinished box.

Until about 6 months ago where I tried to fix the problem by substituting the beads with handmade wire t-bars, except that the loops on the other end were too large and I didn’t want to change them as that would mean I would have to faff around with that end too. This never got finished as I knew that I wouldn’t be happy with it, even if I did finish it. So it got put back into the unfinished box.

Until a week ago when I suddenly had a spark of (probably obvious to other people) inspiration – I had ordered a bunch of t-bar clasps for no reason the last time I ordered some beads. Feeling happy that I was finally going to be happy with my finished item, I dug out the clasps and got to work. I even restrung the beads onto some thicker thread!

Here is the finished bracelet, from first attempt (top) to the final version (bottom).

Green and gold bracelet

Keep a look out in my Folksy shop, it will be listed there in the next few days, once I have got better photos of it.


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