Chessington Antique and Craft Fair

The only local craft fair I have found so far is one in Chessington (run by Purple Sky Events), and as it is a monthly event I thought that I’d visit it in the hope that I would be able to sell there sometime in the (hopefully near) future.

Chessington Community Collage

It is located in the sports hall for the local community collage and is a fair for both crafts and antiques. The fair itself is fairly small and consisted of about 15 stalls, all had a range of antique and vintage items, except four, 2 were food related (one for cakes and sweets and the other something about nuts) and the other 2 were crafts, one jewellery and the other scarves.

Sports hall

Sorry, not a good photo, I was a bit nervous about taking photos closer to the stalls!

The fair was supposed to run from 10am to 4pm and as it was about 3pm when we got there, there was about 2 other people looking round. I hope that there were more people earlier in the day! When I left about half 3, some stalls were starting to pack up, despite on the website stating that anybody starting to pack up before 4 risked a fine. I hope that it wasn’t an indication about the popularity (and lack of) of the fair.

There was a good thing about the fair, though. One of the stalls was selling old books, and I found a 1964 edition of ‘The Observer’s Book of Astronomy’ written by the late great Sir Patrick Moore. The dust cover is a bit tatty, but the rest of it is in great nick! All the famous astronomers and scientists that I have seen on TV (including all the folks on ‘The Sky at Night’ who had a discussion on the book and Prof Brian Cox, who I watch avidly) have said this this book was one of the first things that caught their interest in astronomy. My dad also has a copy and it has been so well loved that it is held together with sellotape and I’m too scared to touch it! So I now have my own copy to adore!

The Observers Book of Astronomy

I have heard that this time of the year is the worst for sellers, so that may be why the fair was so quiet, and also there seemed to be little advertising around the local area (from what I could see driving in). With only 2 craft type stalls I do have to say I was a little disappointed but as I hope that there was more people visiting earlier in the day, I don’t think that would put me off trying to sell there once. I also get the impression that it is fairly new, which also doesn’t help.

There does seem to be a small contingent of local crafters interested in it, so there is hope for the future. The Folksy thread for this fair is here.

The next fair is on the 17th of March and on the website is billed as an Easter gift fair. I’m temped to try and sell there then in the hopes of it getting more visitors. I’ll let you know what I decide!


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