This Weeks Crafting

I’ve done it again and not posted all week! But at least this time I have been productive. I’ll split what I have done into three posts and post them over the next three days (I love the time delay postings that WordPress has!).

This post is to showcase the necklaces I have made. (Sorry for the slightly rubbish photo below, the largest piece of white paper I could find was my Mum’s folded orienteering map!)

A pile of necklaces!

The leaf fairy necklace is an old design and I bought the components for them quite soon after the idea’s conception, but didn’t make very many. Only the blue and pink I have listed on Folksy.

So I thought I’d use up the rest of supplies for these and for the brown (well, it is more gold and copper coloured) and white coloured necklaces I had planned for too. The only problem was that I ran out of the coil ends first! So my blue and pink supplies have been used up (finally, the spaces in my storage box where they were have already been filled up!) and I have enough to make one more brown and didn’t even get a chance to touch the white! All these necklaces will be posted soon, as will the white leaf fairies, once I get the supplies and make them. I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY MORE OF THESE AFTER THIS SO GET THEM WHILST YOU CAN!!

Leaf fairy necklaces

I also used up some beads and components that I bought when I was asked by my friend to make some jewellery for her wedding. I just started by playing with some designs and these bits didn’t end up being used (what I actually made is to be shown in another post sometime in the future). This necklace just came to me and I immediately started making it. Trying to curl such tiny loops so many times was surprisingly hard to the hands from the pliers! I love how this turned out, sort of neo-victorian/steampunk (minus the always present gears).

Green and copper necklace

My beaded flowers will be posted tomorrow, I have been productive!


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