This Weeks Beaded Flowers

The second post of this week’s crafting is about my beaded flowers! After the success of my beaded daffodil and snowdrop, I decided to make some more and a crocus too.

Beaded Snowdrop, Crocus and Daffodil

Err, yea, same folded orienteering map as the last post. Well, I did photograph both lots at the same time.

Beaded Snowdrop, Crocus and Daffodil

I have since made another crocus (blue this time) that is a bit better than the yellow one here, but I’m still not quite happy with either and I can’t work out how to improve it. I’ll be having a mass plaster of Paris session at some point and will photo these flowers in their pots once they are finished.

I have also improved my roses, twice. Mark 2 is the red and mark 3 is the brown (which is supposed to be purple!).

Beaded Roses

Beaded Roses

Beaded Roses

I’m supposed to be trying to get flowers mounted on hair pieces, hail clips/bands ect but I’m struggling to think of ways that don’t involve wires scratching/poking/ect who ever wears it. That is if it even stays in, the flowers are rather heavy. Any ideas?


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