Finished Cross Stitch Projects

Apart from my beading, I have finished a few cross stitch items, some that finally needed finishing, one has been a work in progress for about 4 years!!

The first (and the longest WIP) is a lavender sachet.
Lavender sachet label

I had completed the cross stitch ages ago, but hadn’t got round to washing (I seemed to have had sweaty fingers whilst doing it), pressing and finishing it. So I did all three, including making a little pouch of the lavender to sit in inside the sachet.
Lavender Sachet

It’s now hanging in my wardrobe and smelling lovely!

The second completed project was started and finished in a few days. My Mum bought it for me as it was in the sales at Hobbycraft and I have a love for castles. Technically it is not completely finished as it is not ironed (hence the crease running horizontally across the piece) and mounted (I don’t know what to mount it in/on/ect). But it’s as finished as I can get it for now.

creepy castle cross stich
Castle cross stitch

The last is a Scottish highland cow (a woolly cow!) that will be made into a magnet (I just need to iron it then trim it so that it can be mounted in it’s magnet). I got it whilst on holiday in Scotland a few years ago and had been trying to make the sewing time as long as possible, but I thought I’d finish it as I have other things to do (beading!).

highland cow cross stitch
highland cow cross stitch



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