New Chair Reupholstering

I thought I’d post this here too as this is what I’ve been sitting on to craft!

The Professor's laboratory.

Sorry I haven’t been updating this blog, I haven’t done any upcycling as I have been crafting stuff for sale and creating and posting my new other blog – Hippie Otter’s Den

But now that I have a new crafting table I need a chair to go with it.

So my parents came home with another find that the saved from disposal. It was all in good condition except for dust and a tear in the seat cover. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of what it first looked like as is was quickly dismantled! But here are the dismantled parts-

Chair seat base
The (upside-down) seat base and arms.

Most of a chair
The rest of the seat.

Old and new seat covers
The old seat cover with hole and the new cover fabric minus the new cover.

Almost done!
My parents fighting with the seat and the staple gun (which was too stiff and too loud for me to use).

Seat done.
That’s half…

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