Desk Clearing, Part 1a

My desk is not a desk. It is so full of laptop, crafting stuff and assorted junk that it is more a storage area than a work surface. Here is me trying to sort it out!

Part 1: The unfinished box of doom.

I have a box on my desk that is full of unfinished and unsatisfactory pieces of bead work and other crafts that is only good at being a paperweight and taking up room.

What a mess!!
What a mess!!

Some of the stuff in there is 4 years old! It’s about time I try to empty it, whether it be finishing the items or dismantling them for their parts. I know some of things in there are so close to being finished, but can’t be as I’m seriously stuck on something. I actually have something with this problem that needs to get into the box to be put on a back burner, except I can’t as the box is overflowing!

I’ll post part 1b as I try to wade through the mess of unfinished items.


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