Christmas? In July?

Yes, that’s right. It’s July, two days ago it was the hottest day in years and I am making stuff ready for Christmas. It sounds mad to me too, but as it is my first year crafting specifically for Christmas (I haven’t booked anything yet (soon!), but I have plans for at least 4 general craft fairs and one specifically Christmas fair at my old school), it is best to start early. And by the sound of it experienced crafters are starting at this time (or earlier!) as well. I’ve been doing the odd bit over the last few weeks and this is what I have got so far.

Christmas Decorations so far

Beaded baubles, small mistletoe sprigs (awaiting berries and ribbons to be made into Christmas decorations), french beaded poinsettia in a small tin bucket (awaiting air drying clay to ‘plant it’), wire and beaded tree and star shapes (awaiting ribbon to be made into Christmas decorations), tree patterned kumihimo (awaiting ends to be made into a bracelet).

I also have a bigger bauble and a (french beaded?) bell that I didn’t photograph as both the designs need tweaking as I’m not happy with both. I also have plans for a Christmas themed charm bracelet, but I need more head pins to do that. Can you gather that I need to get round to getting more supplies!!

I still have loads of baubles to do, which would keep me busy enough if I didn’t keep getting more ideas for Christmas stock! My first two fairs are in September and I’ve got to get most of the stock done by then! My brain seems to be in Christmas mode and I can’t stop it!

Although I do have a small problem with the baubles, I need to get more beads to cover them and I’m having a bit of bother trying to work out what colours of beads would go best with the baubles I have. Can anybody suggest the best colours to use?
Bauble colours- red, gold, silver, green, purple.
I should be able to get any colour of beads.


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