First Folksy order and a suprise.

I got my first online order last week through my Folksy Shop. Yay! The customer, a very nice sounding lady, asked if I had a blue version of the red octopus bracelet that she had originally ordered. I didn’t, but I offered to make her one. This is what I made-

Blue Octopus Bracelet

I packaged it up with the rest of her order and sent it off. As we had had a nice conversation about sea life (she sent me a photo of an amazing cuttlefish she had woven and lucited and we discovered that we had seen the same program on giant squid) and she was my first online order, I added one of my abandonment octopuses. She loved the bracelet!

A few days later a package came through my door unexpectedly. Inside was this-

Hippie squid!

She sent me a SQUID! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! The crafting bit of my brain that I can’t turn off, can’t work out how it is made – it’s made of wool and has been woven, knitted and lucited and somehow fits together in the shape of a squid. And the colours <3<3<3<3 I'm not called Hippie Otter for nothing!

It's currently sitting on top of my beading boxes and overseeing my craft table. My Roman Duck now has a companion!

To my lovely customer – thank you!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “First Folksy order and a suprise.

    • I’ve never bought or sold from Etsy or Folksy before. If all my future transactions go as half as pleasantly as this one, I’ll be really happy. It was a really great introduction to the crafty business world.

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