Has anybody got a clue about the value of postage stamps?

Can anybody help?

I’ve got an updated list on the values I have found so far on the original post.

The Professor's laboratory.

I acquired a load of stamps a while ago for crafting purposes and have only just got around to finding out their value so I don’t accidentally destroy something that could be valuable.

Here are the stamps that I have (click for bigger view)-

Can anybody tell me the value of any of these stamps, even if they are only worth pence or cents? It doesn’t matter how old this post is I still want to know their value. And feel free to share this question to more knowledgeable places, the answers can be posted here or to any of my other Internet haunts on the right sidebar.

This is what I have found out so far- (update September 2013)

A1- Unknown, HMS Sheffield is selling on Ebay at £1.19 + 60p P+P
A2- Unknown (although my Excel document from I when originally posted this says 0.25Eur/£0.40)
A3- Unknown

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