Fair Review 29.9.13

So yesterday was my third time at West End craft fair, held in Tringham Hall, West End, Woking, my fifth fair this year/ever. And the first fair where I didn’t just break even, I made a profit! And it was all down to a bunch of kids!

I have a small bit of my table (see the box furthest left with the bowls in front in the photo below) dedicated to simple customisable necklaces, all I have to do is thread some things that have been chosen out of some display bowls onto a jump ring and then string that onto a cord that I then knot. It’s something cheap for the kids that I hoped would appeal to both sexes and possibly adults too.

I’ve had it for the last four fairs, and have had very little interest in it. Some people have looked and read the instruction sign, had a small rummage thought the display bowls and then wandered off. The only person to use it was a little girl helped by her mum at the last West End fair.

There were a bunch of kids about late primary school/early secondary school age (I think one of them was wearing a school leavers hoodie) that mostly seemed to know each other. One girl came over to my stall with her friend and despite encouraging her friend to get one, only got a necklace for herself. A few minuets later the pair came over again and it seemed the nagging paid off as the friend got herself a necklace.

The first girl kept coming back again dragging other friends and possible siblings (including two boys!) with varying degrees of success. By the end of it there were four or five kids with my necklaces, the two girls and two boys at least. I thought that was the end of it. Oh no!

These four kept appearing again to buy more beads to add to their necklaces and it seemed I had inadvertently helped another stall holder as well! The first girl by the end of the fair (they were there for about 2 hours and it was only a small fair) had added a bunch of enameled charms from another stall to her necklace, so many that my mum asked (jokingly) how she could walk with all that weight around her neck! I hope the kids love their necklaces, they certainly seemed to enjoy adding to them!

The only other sales I had were a simple necklace and a pair of earrings bought by another stall holder for a friends birthday present. We had a nice little chat and I wish her the best in her A-levels and I hope her friend likes the earrings. So I wouldn’t have earned enough to cover the table cost if it were not for the kids!

I did get some nice comments about my beaded baubles and mistletoe, although no-one bought any (perhaps too early) and got asked by one lady when Halloween was. “In about a month and a week,” I answered, she looked at me blankly. “The end of October.” I hope I managed to answer in a polite tone as I was rather surprised, the date doesn’t change like Easter! And then she managed to partly destroy part of my small Halloween display (though it was easily fixed). Me = o.0

Here is a photo of the stall, it came out rather rubbish as the light is coming straight in from the window behind, but you should get the main layout of the table.
Craft fair stall

And my Christmas set up.
Beaded christmas tree baubles


4 thoughts on “Fair Review 29.9.13

  1. Your stall looks really nice….cute tree and the cool name on the amazing banner……sounds like the kids had fun. Good Luck with the next one x

    • Thank you! I did get asked about my name at the fair (it’s a combination of part of name of where I live/one of my favourite animals and my hippie-ish personality). I keep meaning to do a post on my banner, but I need a decent photo of it first. It took about a week from looking for a good word processor font to sewing on the last fabric letter. My next fair is in about a month (if I don’t find another one sooner) and I hope it does even better than the first!

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