Fair Review 27.10.13

Success – best fair so far! Though it didn’t feel as busy as the last fair (the fudge people opposite me didn’t seem to have many customers, despite being a food stall) I seem to have gained the most profits out of all the fairs I have done previously. Lucky number four at Tringam Hall, West End? And this time (unlike last time) I didn’t have to rely on kids (which was good, there weren’t many there as it was half term). I also got a table in the middle of the room, which was actually two smaller tables, that ended up in an ‘L’ shape. Never set up like that before!

One side of the ‘L’
Fair Table 27.10.13

The other side of the ‘L’ (with Halloween and Christmas items)
Fair Table 27.10.13

This was my table marker. It’s not here to shame the organisers, quite the opposite as I found it highly amusing. It’s almost right, and it’s only one more aquatic mammal more than usual!
Hippo Otter?

I sold two guitar pick necklaces and a single pick, a halloween bracelet, a pair of earrings, two beaded baubles and 6 wire Christmas decorations. And one of my previous customers (a friend of the organisers who comes to my stall every time and bought a rose hair clip) has tasked me with making her some earrings based on my wire Christmas decorations! I’m making her a selection to chose from and I’m up to 4 different pairs so far, with at least 1 more pair in the works.

I also talked to a lady who came across this blog by searching for the hall (if you are reading this- hello and thanks for the Ripley tip-off!!) who mentioned a fair I hadn’t yet come across – at Ripley Nurseries. I now need to email the organiser post-haste as the next fair is at the end of the month.

Another great thing about this fair was that my grandparents came to visit!! I apologise to all the stall holders that were disturbed at the sight of a screeching girl in a dragon T-shirt flinging herself at a pair of OAPs – I got a little excited, I didn’t know they were coming!

The organiser of the fair has also started up a series of ‘Craft Nights’, held at St. John’s Primary School, Knaphill, and I’ve been asked to do a demonstration/workshop! I’m still pondering what to do, as I have an idea, only it doesn’t fit in the theme ‘Deck the Halls’. It fit’s the next theme of ‘Hearts and Flowers’ only that’s in February! The next craft night is Friday 29th November, the day before my birthday!

My next fair is on the 17th November, in the Trinity Center, off Guildford High Street, 11.30-3.30pm. It should be well signed, and it is next the Trinity Church, which is the church at the top of the hill on the cobbled street. I’m hoping/expecting it to be really busy – exciting!!


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