Guildford Fair Review 17.11.13

Oops, this fair was two weeks ago and I haven’t posted about it. Sorry!

I had great hopes for this fair as it was just off the high street of a busy town. But it was further off the High Street than I thought – we were up an ally, in a building and up a flight of stairs! So perhaps we didn’t get as many people because of that. But I still managed to make the most amount of income yet! But because of the higher than normal table fee I didn’t get the most profit. I was rather surprised by that, there didn’t seem to be that many customers (though I did get quite a few people looking) and there were a few times where there were no customers in the room at all!

I was near one of the two doors and was in the center row. So I had the challenge of setting up the table so that it was accessible from both sides. I think I managed it!

Guildford fair set up 1

Guildford set up 2

One disadvantage of this set up was that I didn’t have anywhere to sit down. You can see on the first photo that chair that I ment to sit on, but I felt that I was in the way there so it was there mostly to store my inventory lists and pliers and I stood against the stacks of chairs near the door (you can see my Mum doing the same in the second photo). After spending the whole day on my feet I was knackered!

One of the other stall holders had a small baby there. When I first saw him (he was in blue so that’s a guess) I thought ‘Oh no, this is going to be hell doing a fair with a whining baby all day’ (it’s well known that I have no maternal instincts whatsoever towards the little gremlins). But I didn’t hear a peep out of him all day! That was one very well behaved baby! The only noise that came from that stall was from his sister (or I assume it was) who had a 20 second long temper tantrum.

So not all as I expected, even if the organisers were out on the High Street trying their best to get people to come in. I got a profit so I can’t really complain.


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