Craft Night Review 29.11.13

The organisers of the West End fair that I go to regularly have started to do craft nights and the last time I was at the fair they asked if I would do a demonstration/workshop at the next night. I said yes! As the theme was ‘deck the halls’ and is was just less than a month until Christmas I decided to teach people how to do my Beaded Mistletoe Christmas Tree Ornament.

Craft night sign
The organisers got my name wrong again (and again I’m not annoyed, only amused), this time with no aquatic mammals unlike the last mistake (two) and the norm (one). My Mum managed to write the Otter in the small gap. I’m now intrigued about what other variations of my business name people can come up with!

I also got the show off and sell the other Christmas items that I had made but I only sold one pair of my wire shape earrings.

Craft night set up 1

craft night set up 2

I’ve never taught beading before so this was a bit of an adventure. I think I did alright. I got some good comments and none bad. But I only taught 5 people (one-on-one) so that’s not quite enough people to base a scientific basis on.

It probably wasn’t worth it in monetary value, but in experience I think it was well worth it. Perhaps this means that in the future I may do more teaching and that it could be another good way of getting more income from my craft.


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