Ripley Nurseries Fair Review 30.11.13

NOTE: This is a photo filled post, I don’t know if anybody needs these warnings anymore, but I thought I’d just say.

One word to describe this fair – COLD!! Despite it being my birthday (24 going on 12) I agreed to do a fair at Ripley Nurseries inside one of their display sheds. Even being out of the wind it was really cold, not helped at all by my awful cold, no matter how many layers I was wearing.

My shed, which I shared with a woodturner who was selling nice wooden bowls and dishes and a few snowmen tree decorations.

Ripley Nurseries Shed

I also had a new table and this was it’s first outing.

Ripley Nurseries fair table

People didn’t seem interested in the fair and just went to the Christmas trees and then left with them. In an attempt to get people interested I stuck some of my decorations in the windows of the shed and ‘liberated’ one of the nursery’s smaller Christmas trees to decorate near the door.

Ripley Nurseries window decoration 1

Ripley Nurseries window decoration 2

Ripley Nurseries tree

I’ll be honest and say I don’t think it worked. People just didn’t seem interested at all in the fair. they just wanted to get their Christmas tree and go. There were a fair number of visitors that came in the shed, but at least as many just went past, despite my Mum trying to get people to just look in the shed. She even made an arrow in the gravel pointing to the door!

Ripley Nurseries gravel arrow

The shed I was in was away from the main part of the fair, which was around the carpark and by the farm shop. I don’t know how well they did, so it could have just been the location of the stall that was the problem. The back of my shed was by the shop so people had to go into the main part of the nurseries to get into the door. There were a few other stalls near me and they seemed to share the same consensus – that people just weren’t interested.

I shouldn’t really complain about it, apart from the cold, it wasn’t completely bad, I made back the table fee (barely) and sold a few of my Christmas decorations.

The organiser of the fair was also taking photos of the stalls and putting them on Facebook. The whole album is here, and the following are of my stall specifically (you probably have to click on them to see the whole photo). –>



Mistletoe and website slips

Jewellery sets

Me and my stall!


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