West End Fair Review – 8.12.13

This was the last West End fair of the year, and also the best.

I got assigned two small tables again despite being at the edge of the room, so I had to try and remember how I set up the ‘L’-shaped layout again. This time my Mum had a different idea about displaying the baubles. She tied two long pieces of wood to the table legs and strung a string between them. From the string she attached the baubles using thread so that they could be cut down without having to cut the hanging ribbons.

Tringham hall west end fair set up

Tringham hall west end fair set up

Tringham hall west end fair set up

This wasn’t the best set up as people weren’t looking round the corner at the hairclips and flowers. I also had a ‘rummage box’ of other items that otherwise wouldn’t fit on the table. I think only one person looked in it. I think that needs a big label on it to get more attention on it.

Remember the kids that loved my guitar pick necklaces at this fair in October? Well, they came back again! One of the girls I recognised didn’t get anything, one of the boys that I also recognised got another necklace as apparently he had lost his. The other couple I didn’t recognise but they all seemed to be friends/family. I also sold two necklaces to two people buying for their kids. I’m always surprised by my guitar pick necklaces – they are always completely ignored, or really popular!

The Christmas decorations weren’t very popular, I only sold one each of the two sizes of baubles, the green version of the wire tree and mistletoe. But I sold two bracelets (one of them was one of my new ones with the square beads and the other one that I had loomed with a pattern based on a zentangle design) and three pairs of Christmas earrings. I even sold one of my octopus necklaces, despite them being on display since my first fair (you can see them on the small black tree on all the table photos I have posted so far), that was the first one sold!

It’s not yet decided whether this fair is going to be continued in the new year. I hope it is, some of my best profits have some from this fair. And the organisers are always nice.


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