14.12.13 Chertsey Goose Fair Review

Oops, I’ve had this mostly written since the day after the fair, but due to issues over Christmas and my camera refusing to relinquish the photos I’ve only just managed to get this post finished. Sorry!

Though I had never visited (or, I’ll admit or ever heard of) the Chertsey Goose Fair, despite it only being 5 minutes down the road, I had some trepidation about this fair. The town is fairly small and during visits to the local sorting office on the high street, it seemed really quiet and thought this might be an indication of how the fair would go. Let’s just say I was wrong (and that’s a bit of an understatement).

Chertsey Goose Fair 2013

The stall was outside on the High Street under a gazebo. The night before I was sent an email saying that winds were expected and that we couldn’t have the sides up on the gazebos. So that got me a bit worried, I’d never set my stall up outside (the shed at Ripley Nurseries doesn’t count) so I didn’t know how my usual setup would cope. But the morning was sunny and still and I set up with no problems (I’d previously practiced putting up the gazebo in the garden which was invaluable). The only difference from usual set up was that the bauble string from last time was hung across the front of the gazebo, that my business cards and website slips were only in their holder and not scattered on the table and my fliers were weighted down with a reel of wire.

Chertsey Goose Fair 2013

My stall was a little away from the Radio Wey stall where they were playing Christmas music, so I started dancing to it in an attempt to keep warm and it seemed to amuse the people looking at my stall, especially as I was wearing some snowflake deeley boppers that no doubt were waving all over the place as I moved.

Chertsey Goose Fair 2013 stall set up

Chertsey Goose Fair 2013 stall set up

Quite a few people just passed without even a cursory glance, and most of the people that did look didn’t even notice the baubles, even when they hit their head on them! I did I deal on them to try and sell as many as possible but that didn’t really work as the people just weren’t interested. I did sell the most amount so far, just not as much as I had hoped. At least I don’t have to make any more for next Christmas! Other than that I had a great success, getting the most income in this fair out of all the fairs in the whole year!

Two highlights of the fair- one of the people looking at my stall had a bag with the ‘Bad Wolf Corporation’ logo on (I’m a massive Whovian so that made me excited) and also a man from the Surrey Herald was taking photos of the stalls. Who is that on the top of the page?…Oh that me! It seems that my deeleboppers got more attention than I was expecting! Apparently I was one of the very few stall holders that dressed up (even only a little) for the fair. Two mistakes though, I’m Gemma not Genna and I am only one otter!

By the end of the day it was starting to get really windy, but somehow the loose bits of paper that had my internet addresses on were still in my phone/business card holder and didn’t fly away. The only thing affected by the strong gusts of wind (is was quite calm between them) was the little stand holding my Christmas earrings, which kept blowing over so I ended up just holding it upright during the gusts. Other than that the weather was perfect, even sunny most of the day! After packing the table away and whilst waiting for my parents to bring the car around it suddenly got really gusty, the gabizo, still up as I couldn’t do it on my own, decided to try and escape for the first time. But our ad hoc weights worked perfectly and the gabizo didn’t get further than a few centimeters off the ground.

So this long and exhausting (and slightly chilly) fair was a total success. I’ll certainly try and get a place at next years fair!


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