West End Fair 16.2.14

This was my first fair of the year. Based on the first fairs of last year and the chatter on the Folksy forums I didn’t expect there to be much activity at the fair, it is still close to Christmas and cold outside so people might not want to go out.

As it is the new year and the quietest part of the year I decided that is would be the perfect time to change my table layout. I will have a blog post written about the changes posted soon, but here is what the changes have created-

West End Tringham Hall Craft stall set up

I just made my table fare so that was an improvement on last year, but I don’t know if that is because the fair is in it’s second year and is more popular or the fact that I have changed my table layout or that I’ve become friendly with the organisers so they always come over and take a peek at my stall (One of my sales was from them).

It would seem that I have a regular customer! One of the girls that keep coming to the fairs and getting a guitar pick necklace came and got another one. Whilst I was putting it together, her Dad said that she gets one every time she comes!

I am a rather nervous person so craft fairs are rather stressful for me. So stressful that I don’t want to eat. But as it was rather quiet and it was in a place and with people that I know I was relaxed enough to start getting hungry. Good timing as this was the first fair that they were selling toasties as well as tea and cakes. I can certainly recommend the cheese and ham toastie! Yummy! And I got to take home some cake too. Double yummy! Even if you are not interested in crafts, with free entry you can just go for the food!

The next West End fair is 27th of April, I’m not currently booked for it but I hope to be able to be there.


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