2014 Stall Revamp

New year, new stall layout! Over Christmas and the new year I’ve been looking at ways for improving my stall layout. My current layout had some hight but what little I had was completely ignored. Also when people stand at the front of the stall anybody behind them can’t see a thing. The rest of my items were just laid out on the table, which was rather boring, and also took ages to put out as the necklaces and bracelets kept getting tangled up. One other things was that I didn’t feel that my display was reflecting the name of my business. Apart from the sign the only colours on my stall was black and white, with green under my flowers. Whilst they are the best colours to reflect the colours of what I am selling, it makes the stall rather boring and drab.

To improve it I have been looking at other people’s stalls on the internet and posts by people who have had more selling experience that I have. Here is a good collection of stall display links

Based on my research and the issues I already had with my stall I decided that I needed to create a shelf at the back of my table and have a better way of displaying my necklaces and bracelets not in the wooden upright boxes than just having them lying flat on the table. I also didn’t like how my earrings were being displayed and I was worried about my more expensive items with sterling silver findings were at risk of sticky thieving fingers.

To create the shelf I used two pieces of MDF that my Mum found in the garage that just happened to the right size. I propped one piece up with two lengths of wood (also found in the garage that was luckily the right length) to make a low shelf and the other was propped up on the two square Lego boxes (they are actually lunch boxes!) that was under the flower vase and black ‘octopus tree’ to make a higher shelf. The lower shelf goes on the right of the table and the higher in the center of the table.

On the higher shelf I decided to put the big white tree that I got to display my Christmas decorations (I might as well use it the whole year) and from that I have hung the loose necklaces. For the bracelets I made a wrist sized long fabric sausage that I made from a remnant of white velvet that I got from the local sewing and fabric shop. The bracelets are now fixed to it even between fairs so they don’t get tangled up with each other.

Homemade bracelet display

The earrings that used to be in one of the boxes never hung right against a solid vertical surface so I bought a rotating earring display from a shop called Tiger. It means that I can display more earrings than before and I have reused the box to display some more necklaces. The earrings are on the shelf next to the tree and the old earring box is in front of it and propped open.

earring rotating display

The only other thing I bought was a glass-topped display box for my sterling silver items to protect them from unwanted handling. It also means that I can just put the box on the table and not have to faff with anything else to set it up.

Sterling silver display box

Here is two photos to show the difference

Old set up-
Craft fair stall

New set up-
West End Tringham Hall Craft stall set up

A behind the scenes difference is that I have bought a 9 liter ‘Really Useful Box’ with tray inserts to store my stock.Before I kept my pieces in the Lego square boxes and the chicken pouches, but the pieces kept getting tangled up and I was worried about damage to them and to the chicken pouches which as also part of my stock.

Jewellery Storage box

Now I can separate the different types of pieces so that if there are any tangles they are only small and I can keep some of the stock behind but within easy access. It also makes taking the stall up and down really easy and keeps everything together. It also stacks well with all the other boxes I have to make transportation and storage much easier!

Jewellery Storage box

How do you like the new stall? Are there any changes you think are needed? I’m always looking to improve so if you have any comments please say!


One thought on “2014 Stall Revamp

  1. Hello, I would suggest spreading your items along two tables. If that’s not possible I would try to have some consistency in terms of display units size, shape etc… I personally think it looks a bit cramped/untidy, too many things in a small space with different display units layouts. It may be a little confusing from a customer’s point of view when first approaching your stall. I would also have defined spaces for each type of item, i.e. necklaces together on one side, earrings on another side and so on (except for sets, of course). Please don’t take this as criticism, only suggestions. I used to work in visual merchandising and I have an idea of what grabs a potential customer’s eye and what don’t.

    I wish you all the best 🙂

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