West End Fair Review 27.4.14

This was the second fair of the year, and the second of the four potential West End fairs this year(I really need to book more fairs). The weather was dark and cloudy all day and at one point there was a torrential downpour so it would seem that less people ventured out that might possibly have done. The fair wasn’t empty, just less than I remembered this time last year. There was the largest amount of stall holders that I’ve seen though. Looking around the room was like looking at a white forest, quite a lot of people (me included) had one of those trees from Hobbycraft on their stalls! There was a time when I was the only one with one.

West End Fair Tringham Hall

The stall next to us were selling phone pouches and small bags and other small knitted items made out of recycled and reclaimed materials such as the selvaging of t-shirt material and end of roll sari material, both of which would have gone to waste otherwise. Some things were made of banana fibres, which you couldn’t tell by looking at them! They told me about a monthly fair not too far away that I haven’t heard of that they had been to and recommended. I’ll be looking into it as I promised myself that I would go to more fairs this year than lest year but I haven’t been living up to that promise so far.

Though the fair wasn’t a great success I did make the table fee, though that was down to one of the organisers who is a regular customer. I sold two other items, but the profits from them wouldn’t have got me near to the fee. I did have one person come to me that remembered me from before Christmas as she remembered my mistletoe decorations!

West End FAir Stall set up

This fair was the first time I offered custom items (more about them in a separate blog post) and though I did get a couple of people looking through the album I didn’t get any takers.
It wasn’t the best fair, but I made the fee and got information about a new fair, so that it can only be called a success.


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