Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up 30.4.14

This is the first in what I hope will be a weekly posting about all the things I have made, designed, posted on Facebook about and anything else that has happened during the week.

Last Sunday I was at Tringham Hall, West End, Surrey for a craft fair. It was an alright day, I made the table fee but not much else and got details on a fair that I hadn’t previously heard of. A full write up of the day can be found in my previous post here.

A week or so ago a leaflet came though the door about our local church’s 150th year anniversary and as part of the celebrations they are having a display of art and crafts by local art and crafters. I’ve never had any of my work displayed other than when it is at fairs and so I admit that I don’t know exactly what is expected of my work, but I feel that I currently don’t have anything worth exhibiting. I have things that look good, but nothing that I feel looks spectacular or shows the range of different things I can do with beads. So I have started to make a big piece that I hope will fulfill my expectations and can be entered in a local agricultural show that I plan on entering in later in the year. This is what I have done so far, even designing some flowers in herringbone stitch that I later hope I can adapt into earring and other items-

Rainbow Herringbone Beaded Flowers

I also seem to be in a slight herringbone stitch phase at the moment as I’m also trying to design a flower that centers around a crystal bead. It’s a bit of trial and error and this is where I’ve got so far-

Herringbone Crystal Flower

In the interest of networking I have finally joined Pintrest. I’m currently slowly getting my current Folksy stock online before pinning new stock so it’ll be a while before everything is there. I’m also trying to make some themed boards, so if there is a theme you want to see just say and I’ll have a go, I love seeing what other people have made. What I post to Pintrest I am also posting to Craft Juice at the same time. If you have an account, please vote for my items.

On Monday I had a trip down to Southampton to visit my Uncle who is working on a cruse ship as a musician and also have a look around his workplace. This was the second ship that he has worked on that I have seen and it was just as grand as the first. Anyone that says that the opulence of the golden age of cruse ships was lost long ago has obviously never been on a Cunard Line ship! They are decorated in the Art Deco style with mainly wood and brass decoration, both of which are highly polished and are very shiny! I’ll be doing a post on the style and the potential influence on my work in a late post.

I’ve also been posting some new items to my Folksy shop, go have a look!


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