Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up 7.5.14

This week I haven’t been making much this week as I’ve been describing, photographing and posting my items in my Folksy shop. What I have made this week is the bracelet that I first started a week ago at the West End fair. It is made of square beads and is woven on the loom and as the beads have big holes and the pattern is completely random it is a good thing to make at a fair as I don’t have to concentrate and I can put it down in a second to talk to anyone, although I have discovered that I can do most of the weaving by feel alone!
I also finished off a bracelet that has been sitting in my unfinished/stuck box and figured out how to make a flower around a large bead. I ended up undoing what I had previously made as that was getting rather frilly and not flat like I wanted it to. But it also ended up being too small for the pendant that I wanted so it and it’s sister got made into a pair of earrings. I think they look rather more like snowflakes than flowers but I like them all the same.

beaded bracelets and flowers

A personal project I have started is to make a second (and smaller as I have tiny wrists) version of my snake bracelet, as once I had made it I couldn’t bring myself to sell it without making one for myself. The first bracelet will go back into my selling stock once my bracelet is finished. Here is mine so far and what it will look like-

herringbone beaded snake bracelet

The final thing I made was a daisy flower brooch for my Gran. I hope she likes it! I also do custom orders for them, if you are interested I’ve got a custom listing in my Folksy shop.

I did have one accident this week. Whilst trying to unscrew to top of my glue that managed to get a lump of dried glue where it shouldn’t have been (it seems to have been a fault in the design of the twisty top as it getting stuck was a weekly occurrence and the previous glue didn’t have the problem before that broke) the whole top of the glue just snapped off in my hands! I’d only had that glue pot for about 6 months, if that, the one I had before lasted for years before that had to be retired as it developed a crack in the twisty top that caused the glue dry in the pot. And now I have to get another one. At the moment I’m getting the glue out with a piece of wire with a loop on the end (I only need small amounts of glue normally) so that I can apply it where needed. The hole in the top is covered in a few layers of tape that I hope is air proof as I don’t want to find all my glue suddenly solid!

Oops, my glue!!

Hopefully I’ll have finished my snake bracelet before next week’s post and that my glue will still be liquid!


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