I have been befriending a group of fairies that live down the end of my garden. I can tell when they have been there even when I don’t see them because a ring of mushrooms grow along the path that they dance.
They have told me that their group is growing so big that the fairy rings that they dance in are getting too full to dance! But some young and adventurous spirits have asked me to find them new friends to live with so that the older fairies can dance once again in their circles of mushrooms.

They all have unique names so that you know that each and every fairy is very special. They also all have their own personalities, but it’s up to you to tell me as they will only tell the one who will keep them safe for ever!

Please tell me about your fairy! You can send me pictures, stories, you name it! What is their favourite colour, food, tree, film or anything else?
What makes your fairy special to you?

My personal fairy is called Pendragon and she goes everywhere with me. To find out more about her click here [link to follow].
Tell me all about your fairy and I’ll publish their story here on my blog. Click here to find information about other peoples fairies. You can email photos and text to my address – hippieotterdesigns@gmail.com.

[Photo gallery to come soon]


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