Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up – 2nd March 2016

As I’m starting to blog again I thought I’d restart my Wednesday Weekly Wrap Ups. The links are hard to see in this blog format (I might change it in the near future) so I’ve put them in italics.


On Saturday I got an order for two Christmas earrings which was quite surprising as I had left my Christmas items at the bottom of my Folksy shop until they expired. I hope the buyer is happy with them and has somewhere safe to store them until next Christmas.

Newly listed on Folksy

I am currently in the process of relisting some items and hope to have some new items listed next week. I think my favourite items I have listed this week are the purple glass pearl necklace and bracelet.

Purple and cream glass pearl necklace and bracelet jewellery on Folksy

Twitter highlights

This week I discovered that the Post Office had a Twitter! I posted a photo of the package I sent with the Folksy order in with the hashtag #PostOffice and they responded saying that they thought the package looked exciting! See the conversation here. I also posted a photo of my little Welsh dragon Ddraig (I believe it is pronounced ‘Thraig’, it’s Welsh for dragon) next to one of the daffodils in the garden to celebrate St David’s Day.

St David's Day Twitter Ddraid photo

Also #FolksyHour this week talked about Instagram which I have yet to explore so the tips there will be useful when I do enter the world of Instagram.

Pinterest highlights

This week I added to my ‘In A Mug Recipes’ and ‘Animal Webcams’  boards and have rearranged the boards and changed their cover images. Been a little bust with it but I hope I have changed it for the better and not the worst! Have a look at my Pinterest here and tell me what you think! I have also been adding to my ‘Wandering Octopi Project’ board so that it is current with the Facebook album and will be adding to it next week as well.

Current projects

I would have a project but I don’t have at the moment. Went to the craft shop this week with the intention of getting supplies for embroidery hoop art (I’ve wanted to have a try for a while) which I mostly did but I couldn’t get one important thing – calico/muslin fabric! I’ve got a hoop and felt for the backing so I’ll have to pop in next time I’m near to see if they have got fabric. But I did manage to succeed getting some new rubber stamps to decorate the parcels with Folksy orders in (you can see one, the beach hut, on the parcel here. –

beach hut new rubber stamp

Any other news

Lately I’ve been making note blocks out of envelopes (they will be in my Folksy shop when I’ve worked out how to send them through the post cheaply without being squashed) so I’ve been doing a lot of paper cutting. My family do own a sliding guillotine but I have been feeling that it doesn’t cut as many pages as I would like and I can’t access the blade to sharpen it. So thanks to a search on Gumtree and a trip out to get it I now own an arm guillotine (I don’t know what the proper terms are but I hope you can work out what I am trying to describe) which seems to do the job nicely. And I can access the blade to sharpen it with our blade sharpener (it’s actually for sharpening gardening secateurs so it should work) when/if needed.


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