Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up – 9th March 2016


I sold the Blue hippie necklace that I mentioned on Twitter here and is now with the customer. I’ve had a message from her and she loves it!

Knotted Macrame Hemp Hippie Necklace with Blue Beads 1.JPG

Newly listed on Folksy

I’ve listed some things this week, and a lot of them seem to be the same colour – green! So I’ve rearranged my shop so that the top row is all green items!

Folksy Beaded Jewellery Shop Green

Twitter highlights

 #FolksyHour talked about inspirational women in honour of International Women’s Day. Quite a lot of people (me included) said that our female crafting heroes were our Mums and Grandmothers. My Grannie tried to teach me to knit but I could never do it properly. This Twitter event reminded me that I’ve got a shirt that I was trying to sew from scratch (with a pattern) but I’ve got stuck and I need her experience to help me sort it out!

Pinterest highlights

I’ve been adding to my ‘In a Mug Recipe’ board (just thinking about it makes me hungry) and have added more to the ‘Otter Photography and Art’ board, though it is heavy on photographs so I have to find and pin more arts and craft! If you know of any (and if you have any yourself) please let me know!

Current projects

I’m currently covering the floor of the living room with cut bits of envelope as I’m using me new guillotine to create note blocks. I am trying to keep everything tidy but the little pieces keep evading me!

I am also trying to draw some adult drawing pages based on some photos I have taken. They will be posted here as free printables soon!

Still no fabric in Hobbycraft so the embroidery project will have to wait another week (I know I can get it online but I only need a small amount so it doesn’t seem worth paying for postage for half a meter of the cheapest fabric). The is a small independent sewing show near by that I haven’t been in for ages so I shall have to walk down there at some point and have a look. I really should be supporting small independent businesses better!

Any other news

I’ve remembered I have a Red Bubble shop! I’ve been so busy with my Folksy shop I completely forgot about Red Bubble. *facepalm* But I’ve now uploaded a new item and created some collections so hopefully I can keep it up to date with my Folksy shop.

Red Bubble Shop photography hippie otter


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