Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up – 16th March 2016

Wrap Up Header 1

Been a quiet week this week, so this week’s wrap up is smaller than normal. But look, new header image! As usual the italic words are clickable links.

Pinterest highlights

I have revamped a Folksy product board featuring all my favourite items that feature or are related to bees in some way. It is called ‘Buzzing Bees’ and all the items should be able to be bought (I’ve cleared out all those that were sold out/missing/ect). As it just about spring and the flowers are starting to emerge I am expecting the bees to start appearing soon so I though this board was appropriate.

Current projects

I got down to the local sewing shop on Saturday so I now have some calico to start my project! I shan’t say what it is but here is a (blurry) sneak peek for my blog followers-

beaded embroidary hoop art preview

Any other news

I have uploaded a new Facebook cover image! Click here to see it and tell me what you think!


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