Wednesday Weekly Wrap – 1st June 2016


A slow week this week so a small wrap up post today.

Twitter highlights

No #FolksyHour this week 😦 But the folks at Folksy did post a link to a page that has all the summaries of past #FolksyHours which are full of interesting hints, tips and ideas for running our online shops.


Pinterest highlights

I have made a new board that contains links to be blog posts. I hope it will be useful for people to find my updates easier. You can find the board here and whilst there aren’t many posts here now I hope that there will be many more in the near future – watch this space!


Current projects

I am making a little zip up pouch for me in a variation of a box bag – I am attempting to make the ends triangle, think of a Toblerone. I’ll post photos when I’ve done and if successful I might have a tutorial for it!

I am also preparing for entering the craft competition at my local agricultural show. At the moment I am in the planning stages but I have got over half way with one item and about to start another. At the moment I think I am going to enter items into 5 categories if all goes well.


Any other news

I have come down with a cold, just what I want at the start of summer. So I am only making personal projects and describing items for sale as I don’t want to contaminate anything. I hope I’ll get better soon, I hate colds in hot weather, somehow it makes me feel worse than having one in winter.


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