#FolksyFriday – Beach Huts – 29th July 2016

Beach Huts FolksyFriday This week’s theme is beach huts! I love the seaside; searching for shells in the sand, building sandcastles, paddling in the waves (I still do the same things in my 20s as I did when I was very little). My family never had a beach hut to retreat to at the end of the day though I wished we did and they were a common site along the coast, bright and colourful even during the most dark and dingiest of British summer days. One of Dad’s life goals is the have one in the garden, despite us being in the rather landlocked county of Surrey!

These are my picks for this week’s seaside theme theme-


beach hut sun glasses case
Beach Huts Glasses Case by Modern and Vintage
beach hut salt and pepper
Beach Huts Salt and Pepper Shakers by Laura Lee Designs
beach hut storage bag
Beach Hut Medium Storage Basket by Ruby Gingham
beach hut fabric art
Beach hut (candy) with oak frame by Electric Blue
Fused glass Beach huts wall clock by Fusion Glass Art by Penni Simpson
tiny beach hut
Handpainted Mini Beach Hut by Lavender Blue Crafts


stained glass beach hut plaque
BEACH HUTS WALL PLAQUE by Stained Glass Art Designs
beach hut and bike lampshade
Beach Hut Lampshade 25cm drum by Fatta da Mamma



Go to my Twitter to help me choose what next week’s theme will be. Got an idea for a theme? Then just comment below!

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Every Friday Folksy sellers on Twitter promote other people’s items using the hashtag #FolksyFriday. Each week is a different theme of personal choice and the items are promoted through blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, ect. and linked through Twitter for everybody to see.


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