#FolksyFriday – Valentines Day Gifts for Her – 27th January 2017

Valentines day gifts for her folksyfriday.jpg

Ladies, gentlemen and people of other genders, there are only 17 days until Valentines Day. So it is the perfect time to find a handmade item to gift to your loved one on February 14th.

This weeks edition of #FolksyFriday is centred on gifts for her – your girlfriend, fiancée or wife are sure to love the items on this list.

Clay Flower Garden ‘love’ by Thimbleville – Helen Sinden Creations
Valentines Eternity Necklace – 2 hearts together x by By Lisabellah
I Love You Picture by The Charming Angel Company
LOVE by Tatty Treasure
Love Bracelet In Pink by Beadie Eyed Edie
Little Love Shack Bead by Ditsy Blue
Valentine’s love heart brooch, sweater clip or scarf pin for chunky knits by Rivelin Arts
Penguins in Love Ornament by Silverpasta

Next week post is themed around hearts. 😍

♥ ❤ 💛 ❣ 💖 💝 💗 💕 💓 💞 💚 💜 🖤 💙

To see previous #FolksyFriday picks click here and this Pinterest board.

About #FolksyFriday

Every friday Folksy sellers on Twitter promote other people’s items using the hashtag #FolksyFriday. Each week is a different theme of personal choice and the items are promoted through blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, ect. and linked through Twitter for everybody to see. To know more visit the Folksy blog post What is Folksy Friday and how can I join in?‘ here.

Got a theme you want to see? Comment here or via my Twitter or Facebook.


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