Bullet Journaling – One Month In


If you could sum me up in one word there are some people I know that would immediately spring to the word ‘disorganised’. Ever since I was little my workspace was a mess, school books and text books in different rooms and never in the places where I want them. I have both dyslexia and autism so I have more organisational challenges than most, especially involving short term memory. Lists and calendars have never worked (they tended to get lost or never looked at), not even suggestions from my special needs teachers have worked. So I have jumped onto the bullet journal bandwagon in an attempt to sort out my difficulties. It is a to-do list, calendar, notebook and memory scrapbook all in one book, but it can be whatever you want it to be. No more bits of scrap paper to get lost for me!

Bullet journaling was developed by Ryder Carroll and is a system to make organising your life quick and easy and personal to you. It has a system for symbols which can look scary and complicated at first but once you start to use them and work out your own system it is actually really easy.


I got my journal in the middle of December. Most people out there seem to gravitate towards Leuchtturm or Moleskine but as this is my first journal with no guarantee that it is going to last any longer than any previous attempts at being organised I went cheap. I got a Moleskine style ‘Soft Touch Notebook’ from Tesco for £4. It is not too bad. The paper has some shadowing from my pens (I can just about see that I have written on one side of the page on the other side) but no bleed through.


My pens are Stabilo ‘point 88’, I got a 20 pack from WH Smiths so I now have a rainbow of colours to choose from. The pens write smoothly without bleeding into the page and although the shaft of the pens are quite narrow they fit into my tiny hands well.

I have also expanded my washi tape collection from 2 to 8 after a dash to Hobbycraft. So there is no excuse for not making my journal as pretty and brightly coloured as possible!


I have colour-coded my calendar by using sticky note tags to write the details on as then I can organise them by date. If I have to add a date I can move the tags down to create a space and the new date added. No out of order dates in my calendar! I can’t draw out a full calendar with boxes as my journal is too small so I have worked out this system.

In my journal I currently I have-

  • About me spread
  • December calendar and habit tracker
  • Book tracker for the Hamish Macbeth series
  • Holiday in Cumbria spread
  • Christmas spread
  • January calendar
  • January habit tracker
  • To do list
  • Business notes
  • Business time tracker
  • Colour key and symbol key

That is more than I thought I had!

It is really helping! Every night before I go to bed I make some time to prepare my list for the next day and I make sure I look at it first thing after I get up. As it is small I can easily carry it around so that it is at hand when I need to look at it. The only problem I have with it is that my pens (I love colour coding) are never with my journal when I want them!


I have created a Pinterest board here full of inspiration for spreads, title banners and doodles, which I hope is as useful for you as it is for me.





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