#FolksyFriday – Spring is coming! – 17th February 2017


Spring is slowly creeping after winter outside at the moment. The weather may not be particularly warm but the gardens are starting to come alive once more. From my window I can see the purple crocuses in the lawn and the green shoots that herald the first signs of life from the daffodils. At night the foxes bark and screech on the roads, looking for a mate and owls hoot in the trees looking for the same.

Why not celebrate Spring with these spring themed items?

Spring Morning by KasiasWonderland
Spring Landscape with Cottage (Grey Roof & Pink Blossom) in 3″ Embroidery Hoop by ndm handmade
Spring Daffodils Earrings by Josephines
Spring Flowers by Daisy Florence Design
Sterling Silver Daffodil Bracelet by Rock Rose Jewellery
Spring bracelet with bees and flowers by Tarka Meadows
spring blooms and blossom – miniature artwork by little black heart
Spring Charm Bracelet by Carol Smalley Designs

Next week post is themed around Wales as it is St David’s Day on the 1st March.

To see previous #FolksyFriday picks click here and see this Pinterest board.

About #FolksyFriday

Every Friday Folksy sellers on Twitter promote other people’s items using the hashtag #FolksyFriday. Each week is a different theme of personal choice and the items are promoted through blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, ect. and linked through Twitter for everybody to see. To know more visit the Folksy blog post What is Folksy Friday and how can I join in?‘ here.

Got a theme you want to see? Comment here or via my Twitter or Facebook.



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