Easter – #FolksyFriday – 7th April 2017

Easter folksyfriday.jpg

Easter Sunday this year is on the 16th of April. Spring is definitely here as there are fields of lambs everywhere and the garden birds are flitting around everywhere, pairing up, nest building or starting to feed their new chicks.

bunny ears
Easter bunny ears with crochet flowers in purples by Brogan’s Bows
bunny necklace
bunny rabbit necklace with floppy ear by Huiyi Tan
Easter decorations
Easter Decorations by Silverpasta
easter plate
Personalised Easter Treat Plate by Utterly Pottery
easter shell painting
Easter Gift: Hare Painting on Shell by Claudine’s Art
knitted easter basket
Mini Easter Basket by Hook and Loop
knitted easter chick
Knitted Easter Chick by A Little Sprinkle Of…
knitter easter bunnies
3 Easter Bunnies by TakeNine

Sorry there was no Folksy Friday last week, I was on holiday! I spent a few days fossil hunting and looking round Iron Age hill forts in Dorset and Devon.

Next week’s theme is themed around Earth Day on the 22nd of April.

To see previous #FolksyFriday picks click here and see this Pinterest board.

About #FolksyFriday

Every Friday Folksy sellers on Twitter promote other people’s items using the hashtag #FolksyFriday. Each week is a different theme of personal choice and the items are promoted through blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, ect. and linked through Twitter for everybody to see. To know more visit the Folksy blog post What is Folksy Friday and how can I join in?‘ here.

Got a theme you want to see? Comment below or via my Twitter or Facebook.



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