Nature – #FolksyFriday – 21th April 2017

Nature FolksyFriday

Earth Day is celebrated every 22nd of April and is a day dedicated to protecting the natural environment. Events are held all around the globe. You can find out more by visiting the Earth Day website and reading the Earth Day Network’s Twitter.

barn owls art
Watching barn owls by Jenny McCabe
butterflys embroidary
Embroidered Hoop – Butterflies and flowers by CoverStory
Ceramic butterfly necklace
Pottery decoration with natural flower and butterfly motif by Dottery Pottery
felt leaf brooch
Leaf Brooch Handmade Felt Autumn Nature by Penny Jane Designs
kingfisher embroidary
KINGFISHER hand stitched original artwork by ArtyEmily
moss glass necklace
Dark Forest – Handblown Glass Bead, Real Reindeer Moss, Copper Chain Necklace by comedaygoday
tree hugger jewellery box
Love Nature Jewellery Box by Sascalia
wooden mushroom
Silver Birch Natural Edge Mushroom by Bluebell Woodturning

Next week’s theme is currently undecided. Comment here or via Twitter or Facebook with your ideas.

To see previous #FolksyFriday picks click here and see this Pinterest board.

About #FolksyFriday

Every Friday Folksy sellers on Twitter promote other people’s items using the hashtag #FolksyFriday. Each week is a different theme of personal choice and the items are promoted through blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, ect. and linked through Twitter for everybody to see. To know more visit the Folksy blog post What is Folksy Friday and how can I join in?‘ here.

Got a theme you want to see? Comment below or via my Twitter or Facebook.




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