Bird Box to Beach Hut


My Dad loves beach huts. He has coasters with them on, his diary/scrap book has them on, whenever we see them on the TV he always exclaims that he wants one in the garden, I even made a beach hut shaped pillow for him that I entered into the Chertsey Show that got 1st place. So when he came home from the garden center with two beach hut shaped bird boxes it was not a great surprise. The only problem was that they were a boring shade of cream, not the most aesthetically pleasing.


So I was presented with two bird boxes and two pots of paint and told to paint it like the cushion I had made as my Dad loved it (enough that he refuses to use it!).


It was rather tricky to work out which bits to paint first as the cream wasn’t thick enough to cover the blue. So liberal use of masking tape was used, especially for the stripes on the front. It took a while as I had to spend quite a lot of time waiting for the paint to dry before doing the next bit and each bit required two coats.


But now they are finished!

beach hut bird box two compleat.png

beach hut bird box cushion comparison.png
Here’s the cushion I made next to one of the finished boxes.

Both boxes are now outside, awaiting the spring and the nesting birds. Lets hope the birds love them and use them lots and the boxes weather well.


This is my view out of the kitchen window, so I have a front row seat if the box is used this spring




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